Public markets are taking a wild ride and employee owners are curious how the COVIWe don't know what is over the next hillD-19 crisis might impact ESOP value. Of course, company leaders don’t really know exactly what’s on the other side of the next hill. Believe it or not, this “rollercoaster of uncertainty” creates an opportunity to focus employee owners on their business.
If you are committed to building a workplace where employees can think and act like owners, you know that apathy can rule. In uncertain times, people are probably paying attention. Now is a good time to focus energy on things employees can control and avoid focus on things you can’t control.  Awareness that ups and downs are part of business ownership and resilience is an important part of an employee ownership mindset.
Even when leaders don’t know the full answer to business questions, it is a great time to refocus on the basics of what you believe drives success in your business. It is the best time to return to essential concepts.  A modest investment in business education and ESOP awareness now – when people are focused on big picture financial issues  – can build the kind of foundation of shared understanding that is essential to deepen your culture of ownership. Below are a few of the services that Workplace Development Inc. (WDI) provides clients to enhance the development of business literacy among ESOP participant while maintaining the safety of social distancing.

Create remote tools to communicate what drives ESOP rewards
WDI provides custom tools —  electronic communication, email updates, remote business education, virtual annual meetings, videos or print resources. We are committed to helping you “tell your unique business story.” Click here for one example of WDI’s remote ESOP & business education services.

Connect job actions to the long-term picture of success
WDI’s ESOP Communication Plan Development will map out a strategy for business education from the job-level up. We help you to make your critical measures come alive through business education, stock value awareness, and a systematic approach to sharing information relevant information about performance.

Call Cathy Ivancic at 330-896-7285 ext. 101 or email her at for more information about our remote ESOP & business education services.