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Employee ownership can bring a tremendous positive impact on performance, but only if employee owners appreciate ownership, understand their role, and know how they can make a difference.

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Workplace Development Inc. provides innovative ESOP communication, training, and ownership culture services that maximize the impact of having an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

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Each of our associates brings a depth of experience in the challenges creating a strong employee-owned business.

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We draw upon our field-tested approaches to bring the right service to each client.

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We are national leaders in the employee ownership community.

Our featured blog articles

Capturing the attention of a new generation of employees at Bayer Construction

When long-term employees know the tremendous value of the ESOP but your newer employees are unaware, the standard ESOP 101 presentation at the annual meeting is not enough. Bayer Construction Company decided to reach out to its people with a custom, interactive training that would make it easier to get people talking about the company’s unique and valuable ownership structure.

Plan Design to Build Your Ownership Culture: Entry Dates

Plan design decisions are sometimes made with little consideration of how the choices will look to employees and affect their perceptions of the ESOP’s value. However ESOP’s rules can be modified to make your plan a more effective tool to recruit and retain employees and to foster an ownership culture. Today’s topic: plan entry rules.

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Our leadership role

We actively support and share our expertise with the community including speaking at the ESOP Association, Gathering of Games, the Ohio Employee Ownership Center, and the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) events. We are committed to enhancing the impact of employee ownership because it sustains great companies, transforms lives, and contributes to a thriving American economy.

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