ESOP statements are required:
effective communication is a choice

At least one time a year all privately held companies with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) will provide individual statements for participants. Whether you send them, hand them out or provide electronic statements, this is a great time to deepen appreciation and ownership thinking.

Explain changes and expand your ESOP culture

What’s going on with this year’s statement? Unexpected changes in stock value or plan provisions? Adjustments in other benefits or share allocations? Each of these changes is also an opportunity to deepen understanding and cultivate your ownership mindset. We’ll provide you with what you need to explain changes and use the opportunity to expand understanding about how employees help drive future success.

Ramp up excitement about annual statements

If you are bringing people together virtually or in-person, it’s a perfect opportunity to broaden employees’ ownership mindset. Our engaging activities build teamwork, create deeper business awareness, and connect job-level actions to ESOP rewards. Here are a few of our most popular learning activities for annual meetings.

Call us to bring a custom learning activity to your company celebration.