Employee owners compete to grow stock value

Tired of lecture-style presentations about your ESOP? Looking for a hands-on, interactive tool to educate your company’s employees? Workplace Development’s team-based, engaging, fun ESOP game is your answer. 

What is the ESOP game?

  • An interactive, ESOP company business simulation
  • Learning activity where participants experience the challenges of managing a simulated ESOP company
  • Activity where participants work as a team to be successful (grow stock value)
  • A fun way to build a practical understanding of your ESOP
  • A proven tool that generates enthusiasm for employee ownership

What do players do?

  • See ESOP shares get allocated to your account on the game board
  • Gain business knowledge by building the numbers
  • See the benefit of having a clear decision making structures
  • Watch the impact of different strategies on performance and ESOP stock value
  • Experience the challenges of ESOP repurchase obligation
  • Connect the game to your company’s success

For more than twenty-five years, ESOP participants have played the ESOP game to successfully gain a concrete, no-nonsense understanding of the benefits of their ESOP and big-picture business decisions. To discuss how to bring this engaging activity to your company contact Cathy Ivancic at or 330-896-7285.

Here’s a sampling of what session participants say about the ESOP Game.


Participants think like owners

The ESOP Game made learning about our ESOP more interesting and gave me a better understanding of why our company makes the decisions that it does.

The ESOP Game really helped demonstrate the complexities of doing business; that also helped clarify roles.

It really drove home the factors that impact stock value

Once we got into the second ‘year’ of play in the Game, it all became clearer on how the ESOP works.