It’s time for the annual meeting. Everyone say, ho, hum. Two hours of listless presentations followed by a rubber-chicken dinner. Instead of recharging enthusiasm, informing employees how the company did and answering their questions, people wiggle in their chairs like fourth graders forced to attend the opera.

Sound familiar? Are you frustrated with the results of your annual meeting? It doesn’t have to be that way. Workplace Development’s customized, interactive annual meeting presentations can transform your routine meeting into a successful learning event.

Bringing positive energy and enthusiasm to your annual meeting, Workplace Development’s professional presenters engage employees, building new skills, sharing practical knowledge and making your meeting a memorable event. Workplace Development presenters get people involved in activities and engaged in discussing how their daily work impacts the company’s performance.

“Your presentation at our annual meeting proved to be both informative and fun. I believe it yielded a lot of positive energy and helped to clarify quite a few issues regarding our plan… the evening was deemed a success by all,” commented Sue Hubbel, HR Manager of the Sun Automation Group.

Workplace Development presentations answer the burning question of “what’s in it for me?” through practical examples and real-world stories. We focus employees on how they can improve the business in their daily jobs, generating enthusiasm for the benefits of stock ownership.

“Your presentation made it easy for employees to understand our plan and how they benefit from it. We appreciate the job you did connecting employee performance with company success; it was the best annual meeting we have ever had,” noted Bob Majewski, President of Sumerel Tire.

Don’t settle for the same old same at this year’s meeting. Work with us to build enthusiasm by customizing one of our successful presentations. Or if you face a unique communications challenge, have us create something new for you. In many cases, you can use the feedback gathered during the meeting to design the rest of the year’s communication.

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