Isplashs it time to hit the “refresh button” when it comes to distributing your annual ESOP statements? Are you looking for a new way to convey your critically important ownership message? Re-energize the required routine and add a splash of ownership energy to your communications with one of Workplace Development’s field-tested, ESOP-focused presentations.

Use one of the events described below to successfully strengthen your culture of ownership and build enthusiasm for the powerful benefits of employee ownership.


How Employees Drive Stock Value – builds the connection between job-level actions and ESOP rewards. The most powerful contributions employees make to ESOP success are the things they do each day. This engaging session asks participants to explore the valuation from the inside out. They learn the drivers of business success, key factors in the annual valuation process and specific examples of how job-level activities connect to ESOP rewards.

Roles and Responsibilities of ESOP owners – clarifies what it means to be an ESOP owner at your company. The power of shared ownership grows when everyone in the company understands their roles and responsibilities. This session emphasizes the power of individual employee owner responsibilities in ESOP success. It includes a brief summary of company governance, role of the ESOP trustee and company leaders. Click here for an example of how one company used the customized Roles and Responsibilities workshop.

ESOP Game Business Simulation — accelerates employee owners’ understanding of what drives stock value, reviews ESOP mechanics and builds business acumen. Employee owners work in teams to run a simulated ESOP company in this hands-on, interactive activity. They experience the challenges of growing ESOP value and responding to an unpredictable business environment. Click here for more about this ESOP & business education session.

Great Game of Ownership Challenge – Do your employees already know all about your ESOP? See if they really do by playing the Great Game of Ownership. Working in teams, employee owners tackle questions about your ESOP, your business, and the benefits employee ownership. Participants compete for prizes and learn the key concepts that everyone needs to know to be effective ESOP owners.

How You Impact Our Numbers— builds a common language about company performance and business metrics. Financial terminology may be foreign to those who don’t use it in their work each day. In a fun, engaging way, this session teaches non-financial employees the key terminology and measures your company uses to track performance. Combine this with a state of the company summary to deepen employees’ understanding of the key indicators that drive business success.

You make the call! — Everyone loves to second guess the referee. Through this fast-paced game and hands-on activities, employees’ gain practical insights into how their daily actions impact company performance and ESOP stock value. Show employees the dollar impact of different decisions when “they” make the call.

Any of these customized sessions can be delivered by you, your ESOP Committee, HR staff or Workplace Development professionals. You can send your ownership message via on-site meetings, webinars, teleconferences or a combination of those approaches. No matter how you deliver them, these successful sessions will accelerate ownership thinking and reinvigorate ESOP enthusiasm.

To discuss how to add a splash of ESOP energy to your annual statement distribution process, click here or call Workplace Development’s Jim Bado at 419-427-2435.