Are you looking for a way to make your employee meeting engaging but also educational? Consider the benefits of bringing in an outside speaker from Workplace Development Inc.:

  • Create enthusiasm and business focus
  • Bring outside credibility to your ESOP message
  • Gain more impact from ESOP statements

Meeting Topics

Below are some of the most recent presentations delivered to ESOP participants nationwide.

jim_speaking-bigUnleash your Creativity for Fun & Profit

Creativity is a key to success for many businesses. This presentation provides real world tips for overcoming common obstacles and helping employees to tap into creative solutions for your business.

Deal or No Deal: Risk, Reward and the ESOP Opportunity
Built on the game show theme, this speech focuses on the fact that ESOP ownership is much more than just random chance winning because employee actions can drive the rewards of ownership. (Please note: Howie Mandel not included.)

Are You a Communications Criminal?

Create more awareness about the power of effective communication on the job. This presentation illustrates how poor communication may actually be “stealing” value from yourself and your co-workers.

You Make the Call!

Learn the things all employees should know about the ESOP statement and participate in a guessing game about the power of employee actions such as productivity, safety, and customer satisfaction.

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