“Planning, ugh, seriously, who has the time for that?  After all, we were put on the ESOP Communications Committee because we’re men and women of action,” says many an ESOP Communications Committee member.  Wanting to get something done drives Committee members to skip the essential steps in planning and move straight to action/ projects.

While taking action can work, it often leads to the team getting off track and taking on projects/tasks it ought to avoid.  The best way to avoid that is to make your planning process action oriented.  In other words, get committee members actively involved in imagining, defining and implementing a vision and mission that truly enhances your employee-ownership culture.  Then they will know the real business reasons for taking on the projects they tackle.

When we facilitate an ESOP Communication Committee planning process, we focus the team on
– Working effectively together (i.e. team building)
– Defining or revisiting the group’s vision and mission
– Reviewing what other companies have successfully done
– Considering “your” firm’s culture and what will work (or not work) for it
– Setting clear, actionable goals

It’s how you implement the planning session that truly matters.  A properly run workshop or retreat will energize your team, define a clear path for success and get everyone on the same page.  Poor organization and meeting facilitation can devolve into time wasted on random discussions rather than positive action.  We’ve all sat through poorly designed and facilitated meetings and know how energy sapping they can be.

If you’d like to discuss how we can work with your ESOP Communications Committee to build a plan for success, contact me at jbado@workplacedevelopment.com or 419-427-2435, direct.