October, national employee ownership month, is a great time to recognize and celebrate your unique status as an ESOP company. It’s an opportunity to build understanding of and enthusiasm for the benefits of employee ownership at your firm.

The question: are you ready to take advantage of the opportunity?

Here’s a couple things to consider
• Getting your ESOP Committee involved in the process (and at what level)
• Doing something that strengthens both your culture and ESOP knowledge
• Integrating ESOP month activities into your overall corporate communication strategy
• Connecting any celebration/party with learning about your ESOP

In our twenty-five working with ESOPs, we’ve facilitated and coached teams to deliver all kinds of successful ESOP month events and activities. Successful firms evaluate what they’ve done in the past, their current needs and company culture when deciding how to celebrate employee ownership. Investing the time to do that will insure that whatever you do works for your company.

If you’re looking for practical, field-tested communication ideas or coaching assistance for your HR team or ESOP Committee to make the most of October’s ESOP month, please contact us jbado@workplacedevelopment.com or 419-427-2435, direct.