How do you get your ESOP ownership message to employees who can’t come to a meeting, work odd hours, operate in many time zones, work in the field or are in multiple locations?

We live in a world of constant communication where important messages, like the value of your ESOP, often get lost in the information overload. You can use the fast paced 24/7 environment to successfully communicate your ESOP’s benefits via Workplace Development’s new on-line Ownership Suite.

The Ownership E-Learning Suite enables you to successfully:

  • Communicate your ESOP’s benefits via the Internet or your Intranet
  • Provide interactive, customized learning 24/7 at an affordable investment
  • Have your company’s own portal, with your logo, and unique user IDs for each participant
  • Create customized courses to reach your participants when they have the time
  • Track employee participation, time, and even make assignments to take courses
  • Provide a consistent message to new participants and those in remote locations

We now provide custom ESOP learning courses alongside independent courses on retirement planning. Below is a sampling of the courses available.

ESOP Course Examples
(customized to your ESOP)
Retirement Planning Courses
(unbiased, independent, NASD compliant)*
All about our ESOP

Is our ESOP real ownership?

How do I earn shares of company stock?

When do I get the value of my ESOP account?

Diversification of your ESOP account

Why does our company have an ESOP?

Comparing ESOP and 401(k)

How does my work impact stock value?

Our company culture and shared ownership

Does it matter that we are ESOP owned?

Basics of Retirement Planning

Tax Planning for Retirement

Avoid Unnecessary Taxes

Building Your Nest Egg

Preserving Your Wealth

Retirement Readiness

Using your Wealth

Working with Financial Advisors


* Industry leaders such as Ameritrade, Morningstar, Intuit, and New York Life rely on these same retirement planning courses to provide accurate, reliable, unbiased, engaging and easy-to-use NASD-compliant material through their web and software applications. You can choose to pair these retirement planning courses with your custom ESOP courses.

The Ownership Suite is your participants’ one-stop shop for retirement planning and ESOP information. You chose the courses to include in your Ownership Suite. Once they are on-line, you’re empowered to send out email reminders to participants to take courses, track who has taken them and assign pre- and post-course quizzes. Committees can use it as part of their “buddy training” or Certified Employee Owner (CEO) process. And as a plan fiduciary, you’ll have a list of who has taken the courses and which courses have been offered to your participants.

If you already have an on-line Learning Management System in place, WDI’s Ownership Suite modules can be added to your platform. No matter how you implement it, the on-line courses are a great complement to your on-going communications and education effort. In fact, the Ownership Suite/e-learning process can be managed directly by your HR team or ESOP Communications Committee.

Communication and education are key elements to getting the performance results out of
ESOP ownership. You can make the Ownership Suite available to all ESOP participants or you can target courses to specific employees, like supervisors, who are keys to developing your ownership culture.

To schedule an appointment to see a free demo of the on-line Ownership Suite, call Cathy Ivancic at Workplace Development Inc. at 330-896-7285 or email her at .