If you want people to think and act like owners, they need to understand three things: 1) the big picture of the business; 2) the impact their jobs have on performance; and 3) how the ESOP benefits them.

Build_EnthusiasmUnfortunately, most people don’t understand any of these enough. Obscure business/accounting terms and hard to grasp. ESOP concepts are one of the biggest obstacles to effective communication about performance. The lack of knowledge stops you from making the most of your ESOP plan.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Learning business and ESOP concepts becomes both fun and painless with one of Workplace Development’s learning games. Use a customized board game to educate your ESOP “players” about:

  • Company-wide performance measures
  • Key job-level metrics
  • Critical ESOP ownership concepts

Get beyond dull lectures and bland presentations with your company’s own educational board game. We use your company’s product image or corporate logo as the background for an interactive board game featuring your company’s unique business goals and ESOP information.

Workplace Development’s “Getting In Your Business” board game teaches business terminology and critical success measures in a fast-moving, team-based environment. The board game format enables you to:

  • Reinforce basic concepts all ESOP owners should know
  • Increase participant awareness about the key drivers of stock value
  • Engage employee owners in business conversations in a fun, non-threatening way
  • Create a unique experience featuring your firm’s logo, products/services
  • Educate employees about your business objectives and your ESOP plan
  • Own a tool that can be used again and again to teach new employees about the business and the ESOP
  • Add some excitement to your employee orientation routine

Whether you choose to deliver the program in small peer learning groups, in a big group during ESOP Month or in a classroom setting, it is a unique and fun way to get people educated, engaged and energized about the factors that impact business performance and drive stock value.

Workplace Development is pleased to offer you a custom version of this practical ESOP and business education tool for about the same investment as sending a few people to a national ESOP conference. Learn how you can customize the “Getting In Your Business” board game for your company by contacting Cathy Ivancic at Workplace Development Inc. at 330-896-7285 or civancic@workplacedevelopment.com.